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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

All time fav - Olives

As Salam..

Bila pegi mkn pizza..benda pertama yg akan dicarik dan kutip ialah olive..
sape2 yg tak mau olives akan pass kat pinggan aku..
Hal yg sama bila pegi Subway..olives tu wajib bubuh..siap mintak extra..kadang2 dtg mood tak senonoh..salad2 tomato2 whatsoever x mau..beli sub yg ber'sayur'kan olives saja..ahahahha
Giler x giler aku dgn olives...kan..

 Errr..bukan Olive si bini Popeye ni..bukan..bukan...

 Yea..yea..olives yg ni..specifically black olives..sangat suka!!

 Kebetulan..stok olives dirumah la..aku kan kalau mkn olives mmg tamak2..hhmm..takleh jadi..kene restock ni..kalau xde olives mmg x bermakna la sandwich/salad aku nanti..sbb si penyeri (olives) xde..

Pi la carrefour tu kan..carik la olive peberet ni..xde!! wahh..panik sudah..lama aku tenung rack tu..pickles, fig etc sume ada..olives je xde..hah..sudah!!

Merayapla aku ke frozen section.kat situ kan byk la sos la hape2..tiba2 nampak ada benda hitam2..wah..olives..disini rupanya ko!! Alhamdulillah!!

Selalu jumpa yg botol kecik, oleh sbb mkn tamak2..4-5 kali guna dah abis.. ni dpt botol besar..hambek!! Puas hati aku.. =))

Nutrition Facts-Olives                          

  • Say hello to a snack that’s high in monounsaturated fatty acids “the good fats” & low in carbs and calories (just 25 per serving). Think olives have lots of fat? Think again! One serving has only 2.5 grams:  that’s only 3% of your total suggested fat intake per day! Way to put the "live" in olive.

  • Low cholesterol is good. No cholesterol is even better. And that’s exactly what olives have in the cholesterol department: zilch.

  • Olives are a flat-out favorite: one of the Five “Flat Belly Diet” foods! The humble olive shares top billing with avocados, nuts/seeds, oils, and dark chocolate. Such delicious company!

  • Buon giorno! Live longer. Live better. With olives: an essential part of the Mediterranean Diet. It’s a healthy way of eating based on the eating habits of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. So ciao down: deliciously!

  • Bag the chips. Nix the carrot sticks. Olives are a filling, flavorful alternative to the usual snacks. No trans-fats, no cholesterol, no stopping you from living life to the fullest. Just five calories a pop. That means a serving of 20 medium olives are just 100 calories! Do the math: there’s no more satisfying, low-calorie snack under the sun!
  • Olives are allergic to allergens. Meaning that they are naturally free of all wheat, soy, lactose and most any allergy-causing ingredient you can think of.  So enjoy worry-free munching and eat to your heart’s (and your whole body’s) content!

  • What satisfies the taste for something “salty” but has less sodium than a slice of bread? Yep, you guessed it: our hero the olive.

  • Just say no to oxidants. Olives are bursting with natural antioxidants, to keep you beautiful: inside and out.

    Contains = Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin E, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper 

    Guess I can keep eating them !! Yeay!!

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