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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Free Burger King's Whopper JR burger when you purchase any Whopper Large Value Meals..Sila print voucher korang!!!

As Salam...

Folks, are you ready for some FREE burgers again! Korg suka?? Aku pon sukaaaaaaaa....

Korg click pic voucher ni utk link the print voucher page..

A lot of you might not know that there is a hidden voucher to enjoy a free Whopper JR burger when you purchase any Whopper Large Value Meals. Well, now you know. Just print out this voucher on below on a A4 paper (1 kertas A4 bleh muat 3 voucher) and start enjoying this greats Whopper JR burger. 

Make sure that you print it out in coloured version. 

So start spreading this news around with your friends and family. Remember to bring this voucher when you place your  order.

Oh ye..valid sampai 31st Oct..sempat lagi..rupanya dah start dari May..hhmmm... 

P/S: Hungry T_T  ..demmit!!

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