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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Parametric & Non-parametric Test

As Salam..

Me bz..stil struggling with my SPSS thingy..

Just a short note as a reminder:
  1. always do TEST OF NORMALITY to check ur data distribution..normal or not normally distributed..this is important, it will help u to determine the type of test..either parametric test or non-parametric test..there's  a few item to look at..Shapiro-Wilk (for less than 100 sample) or Kolmogorov-Smirnov (for more than 100 sample), not to forget Q-Q Normal Plot and Boxplot.
  2. For datas which are normally distributed...
  • compare mean with reference/known value - simple student's T-test
  • compare means between 2(only) independent group/sample ie: gender (male & female), diet (vege & non vege) - Independent T-test
  • compare means between 2 dependent group/sample ie: before and 2 repetitive after value/readings/figure/results- Dependent T-test
  • compare means between 3 or more group/sample ie: age range (10-15, 16-20, 21-25, 4 groups) - ANOVA (Analysis of variance) <--there are many types of ANOVA depending on the number of factors involved, one way or 2 way etc..gotta do more reading on this!! and Post-hoc test is needed if there is significant value..just to differentiate which groups/sample is actually giving significant result and which doesn't. Quite a number of post-hoc test..choose one that is suitable..regarding ur cases/sample.
  • useful links for ANOVA:


That would be even easier!! We opt for non-parametric test..instead of comparing means..we compare median do your descriptive analysis before hand..

  • for 2 different/independent group/sample - Mann Whitney Test
  • for more than 2 group/sample - Kruskal Wallis Test
  • for 2 dependent group/sample - Wilcoxon Test

How about correlation??

Normal distribution - Pearson Correlation
Not normally distributed - Spearman Correlation

P/S: Parametric tests are way better than the if ur data is not normally distributed...just log(log/Ln) them...

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