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Friday, 6 July 2012

Wanita diserang di Tesco Ampang 3 Julai lepas..Speedy recovery Nooralida!!

As Salam..

Nak share berita..seorang wanita diserang di Tesco Ampang..ya...ya..Tesco Ampang yg ada Burger King..yg dekat tepi highway MRR2 tu..
Risau weh...kami sekeluarga suka pi sana..dah la kejadian ni jadi siang2 dpt dari FB kawan mangsa..jadi kami share ramai2 sbb pelaku itu masih belum dpt ditangkap..dia merupakan seorang lelaki Melayu dan bersenjatakan pisau...
Bacala citer si mangsa ni..kesian dia..mudah2an kamu cepat sembuh ya..doa la byk2..sbb doa org yg dianiayai itu makbul..moga2 tertangkap manusia jahat ni..

Nooralida M Noor, who was assaulted at Tesco Ampang on 3 July 2012 at 2.50 tau bukan am..siang2 hari..terang benderang..haishhh...tak selamat dah Malaysia nih..

Dear all, I've been assaulted by a Malay man weaponed with a knife in my car in alleged attempts of rape & possibly robbery too, at TESCO Ampang open–air car park at 2.50 p.m. on Tuesday, 3rd of July (yes, in broad daylight!).

He saw me going into my car, which was parked nearby the side entrance of TESCO Ampang, after taking a flyer off the windscreen. He ran to me from behind & pushed me in. He had his left arm on my throat & held his knife with his right hand & slashed my neck at 2 places & stabbed my neck which wound had caused non–stop bleeding & required 3 stitches to be done on it. I defiantly fought back & tried shouting. He pinned me down with all his weight on the right side of my body & warned me to be silent & not to be stupid. He weighed 75–80kg & was 165cm in height. So, he was quite bulky.

He picked the wrong woman as I'd fight till the end of my life. I sounded the horn of my car with either my right hand or knee continuously after he pinned me down as he was trying to shut the driver's car door.

After 2–3 minutes of struggling, a concerned Sabahan lady and her mid–twenties son took an interest in the non–stop honking & the man's aggressiveness though they couldn't spot me at all as I was forced to lay down on my left & couldn't push him off me. Their interest in the situation made the attacker panicked & fled the scene.

He wasn't caught & is still roaming freely. To all my family, friends & students, please be cautious wherever you're. Even men aren't safe nowadays.

I drove to the police station to lodge a report & then to Gleneagles Hospital to seek medical attention. I'd a CT scan & several X–rays done. They stitched the wound of my neck. I'd difficulties breathing, talking, swallowing, walking, sitting & laying down. The scan & X–ray showed that my right lung was punctured & had collapsed 60% & that the chest wall was filled up with fluid & blood compressing my right lung. If I didn't do the surgery to remove the fluid & blood, I'd lose the function of my right lung & instantaneously the left lung would press on my heart which could cause the heart to stop beating.

I'm currently at the ICU after the tube insertion surgery for close observation & so far, there's been 360ml of fluid & blood extracted. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you to my family & friends who have visited me, and especially my two Sabahan Guardian Angels – Aunty Surianie & her son, Rafi. Without them, things will only get worse as the attacker was relentless & adamant.

Please do not call me as I'm unfit to talk. Feel free to text or post comments here (her FB)

P/S: Dunia sekarang sangat menakutkan...Ya Allah lindungilah kami semua dari kejadian2 seperti ini...Speedy recovery dear Nooralida..i dont know u personally but my prayers are with you..Insyaallah..


  1. Dlm haiwan tiada manusia, dlm manusia melambak haiwan... be carefull

  2. zaman sekarang manusia semakin kejam, tiada hati perasaan belas kasihan.. Tapi apa yang mendorong mereka jadi begini ek?? TAKUTTTT

  3. ASsalamualaikum

    Apa FB si mangsa.. KEsian sungguh pada dia, Ya Allah lindungi lah dia dan kami semua dari pekara2 yang buruk, dan jauhi lah perkara2 tidak baik dan membahayakan jauh dari kami Ya Allah.
    Mampu lagi mangsa untuk kongsi cerita dia, bahaya nya dunia skarang ni. Saya rasa penjenayah tu mungkin ambil dadah masa dia buat tu.
    Teramat perlu pihak TESCO meningkatkan tahap keselamatan di SEMUA premis2 mereka untuk keselamatan semua orang.
    Apa FB beliau ya,?


  4. Hey, can I get her facebook name? Cari x jumpa la. I'm proud of her! She's the girl!

  5. FB dia nama dia sendiri..refer gambar ok :)


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